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What I do

I do what I love to do.
I'm Bashu. I'm a Teacher, Blogger and Webmaster residing in beautiful Assam, India. I help students to get memorable experiences through students centered teaching.
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Badarpur, Karimganj, Assam.
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+91–––––––––– (Updated soon).

My name is
Bashu Bowri
I'm a Passionate from Assam, India

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About him

He is a Passionate

Bashu Bowri is a Teacher who is Passionate contributor towards community, Who is Pursuing Knowledge to excel in future endeavor and helping students to enhance there learnings through providing them with practical experience and Knowledge. He is currently posted as an Assistant Teacher at Katigorah Govt. Girls JBS.
Besides of teaching he is an Administrator, Author and Developer at https://www.bashubowri.in . He is fueled by his passion for understanding the HTML, CSS & JavaScript. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on his academic foundations in Commerce, Elementary Education and Computer and stay in tune with the latest information through continued coursework.
Bashu Bowri believes mindfulness in the workplace is key to success - a tenet he lives out through his interests in Calisthenics, Strength Training, gardening, and painting.

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Helping students to get study notes on Different Subjects by providing study notes and videos.


Writing Blogs on different topics like "Guide to Everyday Life", "Computer" & "Webmaster"


Writing HTML, CSS & JS code in easy language for helping people, so that everyone can build their own websites.


Creating YouTube video content for sharing my knowledge & experiences in the community.


Created a FB group of teachers from India for sharing knowledge. ( check out my community )


Sharing Arts & Crafts contents to give students a chance to embrace their artistic life.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

I have been in teaching since 2014 and I love my job. Before get into the teaching profession I had been working in different private companies as a Computer Operator (for 2 yrs), Accountant (for 4 yrs), Manager (for 2 yrs). Besides of all the I am a self taught Web Developer.

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Arithmetic 100%
HTML 80%
CSS 70%
Arts & Crafts 75%
Accountancy 100%
Bengali Language 100%
English Language 80%
Health & Physical Education 50%
Video Editing 25%
Hindi Language 50%

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Bashu Bowri
Badarpur, Assam, India
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